Px5 Image Exporter
The purpose of this program is to extract images from my compressed image format into a more readily accessible format, either .bmp or .tga images where either a mask colour or transparency is set respectively. Each of the images below contains a link to a zip file containing a set of pre rendered animation frames which need to be extracted using the program.

It is possible to alter the mask colour, flip the image horizontally, scale the image (downscale not upscale), and set which frames you wish to export. Playback of the animation is also possible with the play button.

Periodically I will try to add additional character image sets to this webpage.

There is no cost or payment required for this software or the images provided. The original intent for my creating this small, but hopefully growing library of sprites was for people to use in games of their own making, either as place holders or otherwise.

Please note as of 7th Feb 2011 I'll be taking a break from making more of these. "No one can serve two masters" as a man once said. Please note the image files and programs are packaged in .zip files.
Here is a game which uses some of these graphics

Download Exporter V1.01a(updated)

Download Archer (req v1.01a)

Download Barbarian

Download Monk

Download Fiend (req v1.01a)

Download Evil Warlord

Download Fat Goblin

Download Female Ranger (req v1.01a)

Download Black Knight (req v1.01a)

Download Goblin Warlock

Download Ghost (req v1.01a)

Download Goblin (req v1.01a)

Download Knight (req v1.01a)

Download Ranger (req v1.01a)

Download Big Bad Warlock (req v1.01a)

Download Skeleton (req v1.01a)

Download Skeleton Bowman

Download Snake Man(req v1.01a)

Download Vampiress(req v1.01a)

Download Necromancer (req v1.01a)

Download Battle Mage (req v1.01a)

Download Robed Wizard

Download Fighter(req v1.01a)

Download Lightning Femme (req V1.01a)

Download Armoured Skelly (req V1.01a)

Download Snake Girl (req v1.01a)

Download Winged Fiend (req v1.01a)

Download Guard (req v1.01a)

Download Guard with Crossbow(req v1.01a)

Download Sword Demon (req v1.01a)

Download Harpy (req v1.01a)

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